chinesse scooters 50cc 100, 125cc .

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how many times have you heard people say dont buy chinesse scooters!

well theres are the ones who probably cant be botherd to check the oil and do simple stuff which obviously results in the bike playing up,

so when you buy a new bike check it over first, double check the nuts are tight? and everything as it should be?i,ve know well known brands come out of the shops with faults, so it isnt only chinesse scooters!

most chinesse scooters have the wiring under the seat box, one simple step is to unclip it and cable tie it higher up the frame, well out the way of water off the rear wheel, (show me a cdi that works in the wet?)

there a dip stick on the fourstroke bikes? and only a dip stick ignores it! check it every week,had more bikes with no oil in then any other fault, so check it!

regardless of the make if you dont oil things and keep them clean they go rusty! fact of life, so dont expect your throttle cable to last if you never oil it, just lift the flap under the seat and there it is, few drops of oil and its fine,

theres chinesse bike use a tried and trusted honda based design so they will last forever if treated right,

those of you who say my bike only does 25mph and is derestricted should first check the valves,theses bikes leave the factory with tight valves, this takes into account the natural wear you get when first using, but fairly often they are to tight and need setting properly,

when you,ve done the valves and the simple carb adjustment i,m sure your bike will preform better,

the skys the limit on tuning them, different rollers, cdi etc, and theses bikes can be excellent reliable nippy item if treated right,

most can be tuned so they easily do over 40mph to make them safer and keep you up with the traffic flow,

or if you really want them to fly try, changing the variator to a different angled one for increased top end,change the cdi for a fully blow race one,differnt roller weights,change clutch springs, and use a aftermarket exhaust,

all the above has been done to mine which runs a leo vince exhaust system and a rm80 carburettor, easilt reaches over 55mph, and is very reliable too,

so dont be affraid to buy chinesse scooters, look after them and there fun and safe,

hope it gives you something to think about,


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