chipset drivers

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It's a know fact there are only X amount of companies who make and manufacture PC Harware.  Most Motherboards, Modems, LanCards, SoundCards Share common drivers, this is because they share the same chipset.  I would like to share some knowledge with you to help you source and configure your HardWare easily.

Lets talk LanCards very small form factor no over complex component layout, easy for the eye and brain to adjust to. Most LanCards use either one of these ChipSets!

RealTek, Conexant, Lucent, Accton, SureCom Just to name a few, these are the most known brands.  These chipsets are found on most LanCards, Modems and Motherboards with intergarted lan.

When looking for a driver, if you can't locate a model I.D. Look at the Trade mark Logo found on the chips.>>



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