chituma ctm125

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Bought one of these Chituma CTM125 which was promptly delivered within 24hrs. Put it all together OK. But would recommend to all that you use thread lock on engine mounts and foot pegs as vibration caused these to work loose on mine. A common minor problem is that the air breather cap on these doesnt always work. This will result in the bike running for 5-10mins then cutting out. Open fuel cap to release partial vacuum and the engine will restart. To cure this remove two screws from underside of fuel filler cap and increase the size of the breather vents on rubber moulding ( probally flashed over)Rear suspension is unadjustable and together with the narrow section foreign tyres make cornering interesting! Chrome plating is thin so keep it covered in WD40 to maintain appearance. Buy a HONDA CG125 manual as this will help greatly . On my model the carb' to engine bolts worked loose resulting in a air leak at the manifold causing idle speed to raise etc. Once this was found it was easy to fix, just tightened up with a 10mm spanner. Impressive for your money and will not require an MOT for three years. I sold mine after two weeks as I wanted something bigger & faster than the CTM125 so I cannot comment on long term ownership. Allow two trips to DVLA to obtain register and tax. Allow another £15 for number plate , fixing screws and tax disc holder. And you'll need to get rid of the packing crate , pallett , cardboard sleeve and metal cage it is delivered in . To summarize. You get what you pay for the Chituma is a lot cheaper than a CG125 , you could buy three or four to one new CG125 . One, you can display the new reg and wont require an MOT until three years. However the Honda will be cheaper to insure . You pays your money and makes your choice.......

A few years later and years wiser than original review I bought myself a second hand Yamaha YBR125, unquestionably a far better choic

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