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Q & A
2. What type of Chocolate do you use in the Fountain?
We use the highest quality Belgium Chocolate. This is done for two reasons: First, Taste is the most important and we will not compromise quality. Secondly, the quality, consistency and flow of the chocolate will be much more appealing.

3. How Much Chocolate Do You Provide?
Depending on how many people are in your event and which package you choose. We always supply more than enough chocolate for all of your guests. You can choose between Milk, Dark and White Chocolate.
4. What is included in the rental?
Your chocolate fountain rental includes: Premium chocolate, unlimited wooden skewers, a highly trained professional Chocolate Concierge (who monitors the fountain, aids your guests in dipping etiquette, answers any questions, keeps the area clean, promotes good fun, and keeps dipping items and chocolate stocked), an elegant display, 4 hours of service, and free delivery, setup, breakdown, and clean up. Plus a choice of 5 dips from our dipping selection

5. What about events that have more than 500 guests?
In this case, we suggest you get two fountains. You can set them up in different areas of the room,so you don't have all 500 people waiting in line at one time. Plus you can have two different kinds of chocolate for people to choose from. Very Dramatic and elegant! Milk and Dark chocolate are
the most requested!

6. What is the size of the chocolate fountain?
We have 3 sizes. We have a medium size fountain that is 33" in height 16" in diameter and weighs approximately 100 pounds after adding chocolate. The second one is a Large fountain that is 44" in height and 18" in diameter and weighs about 130 lbs. The Third Fountain Is 19” in height 8” in diameter and weighs about 15 pounds . The small fountain is perfect for home parties.

7. Do I Have To Set Up, Tear Down & Clean Up The Chocolate Fountain?
Of course not, we do all the work for you! That is what we are trained to do. We will arrive at your special event at least one hour prior to the designated starting time. The fountain will then be carefully set up and the chocolate will be melted and flowing elegantly so your guests will smell the sweet aroma of chocolate when they begin to arrive. We then will clean up and dismantle the Chocolate Fountain when our time has ended. You will only have to enjoy your party!

8. How Long Can I Have The Chocolate Fountain At My Event?
Our packages includes use of The chocolate fountain for 2, 3.5, and 4 hours. This is usually plenty of time for most occasions where it is being used for the cocktail hour or dessert portion of the event. You can request overtime at an additional cost.

9. What Are The Table & Electrical Requirements?
Since The Chocolate Fountain weighs approximately 100 pounds when full, a level, sturdy table is a must. If it is not level, the chocolate will not flow properly. Your banquet facility should provide two table linens that will coordinate with your event colour scheme. The Chocolate Fountain requires a 230 volt grounded electrical outlet within 10 feet of the set-up location.

10. What are the most requested dipping items to be used with the fountain?
Strawberries (of course!!!) pineapple, apple slices, marshmallows, banana, angel food cake,cookies, etc. Use your imagination or check out our dipping items section! Please keep in mind that any crumbly-type food that may fall into the fountain will cause the chocolate to get lumpy and not flow properly.

11. Who Provides The Dipping Items?
You have two options. Either your caterer and/or venue location can provide those for you, or we can provide the dipping items for your event. However, some banquet facilities or caterers do not allow outside vendors to provide food items. We ask that you provide us with your caterer and venues contact information and you may also provide them with ours. We will coordinate between you and them to decide the best dipping items for your event. We love providing the dipping items. It is often simpler when only one party handles all the essentials for the fountain.

12. Do You Provide The Decorations For Around The Chocolate Fountain?
The Chocolate Fountain itself is the ultimate decoration for any table. The cascading chocolate along with the colourful array of fruit and other appetizers is plenty of decorations to make the table appealing. We will add to its elegance by using multi-levelled displays, professional platters, and additional tablecloths, if desired. Of course, you are more than welcome to provide any additional decorations if you so desire.

13. Can The Chocolate Fountain Be Used Outdoors?
The Chocolate Fountain will only operate in enclosed areas. Any wind will cause the chocolate to spray. As well, the chocolate’s sweet aroma, little flying creatures are very likely to be attracted to the fountain. Also, maintaining the temperature of chocolate is critical for continued smooth operation. This would be difficult to accomplish in an outside setting.

14. What Area Do You Service?
Our packages service anywhere from 30 miles of Peterlee. Although we travel all throughout the North East Area. Anything further than 30 miles of Peterlee will be an additional travel charge.

15. Do You Require Reservations & A Deposit?
Yes, we require a reservation, a signed contract, and a £100.00 deposit at the time of booking. Reservations are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. The balance of your payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date of your event.

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