choosing the right lego / mega bloks for girls

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lego friends

there are loads of lego to choose from including lego friends, mega bloks barbie, hello kitty, disney princess, simpsons etc
i personally have bought mega bloks barbie which is compatible with lego friends i have the hair salon, the bakery salon which i purchased through ebay brand new at a great price, i have now started buying the lego friends and have purchased olivia's ice cream bike, the summer caravan, juice bar, and going to be purchasing the news van.
the lego friends i received a free lego simpsons character with each purchase and on sale.

each lego set you buy will come with lots of pieces and instructions to build, it does take time so be patient with it. my daughter loves being able to use the barbie with the lego friends and making her own creations and spends hours at a time coming up with new ideas. i have recently noticed disney frozen is available to pre order. you can buy the little mermaid, brave, cinderella, rapunzel, aladdin, sleeping beauty, snow white etc, all these are compatible with each other. most of it can be expensive but you can find some second hand for great prices or save your nectar points to help purchase it through ebay i saved a lot of money by doing this.

i tend to go for what has the most items in each pack and if they are age suitable as i would not like it to become a choking hazard. you can spend hours of fun playing with your child on cold rainy days. you could always email the company leaving feedback and they may send you a voucher or a small sample pack. i have found a few retailers having a sale on some of the items i have bought then a few weeks later changing them over so worth a look. only buy what you can afford. it helps your child imagination and i would recommend it to everyone

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