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The most common vertical blinds being offered on eBay are usually constructed using the wand control system. This is the cheapest method of manufacturing a head rail for vertical blinds. Essentially the wand has two functions. When the wand is twisted the "louvres" or "slats" tilt from side to side. To draw the blind across you simply get hold of the wand and pull it across the window, as the wand is connected to the end slat the whole lot will draw to one side. Crude yet effective.

The alternative to the wand is the more upmarket cord and chain control system. These have to be hand made and are rather time consuming but they make for a better blind. The chain controls the tilt action and the cord controls the draw. You can choose  which side you want your blinds to draw to or unlike the wand system you can choose for the blinds to open from the centre equally to both sides.

We sell two types of vertical blinds on eBay.

1) Made to measure - we fit these as standard with chain and cord controls and they are custom made to fit your windows.

2) DIY Adjustable - we fit these as standard with wand controls so as to make it easier for them to be cut down as we only sell DIY blinds in set sizes and you cut them down yourself to fit.

Choosing a fabric
Most of the blinds that we offer on eBay are machine washable. These are ideal for domestic or commercial use and we send them with washing instructions. Our most popular colours by far are white and cream. These colours are neutral and will blend in with any colour scheme.

Points to bear in mind
If you plan to buy your blinds in stages then be sure that the fabric that you are buying isn't an "end of line" Most of our fabrics are current stock fabrics that we will continue to run for at least 12 months. Occasionally we will have an "end of line sale". When we do we make it quite clear that it is a discontinued fabric.

Ensure that the blinds you are buying have been sewn and not glued. Central heating or even direct sunlight will very quickly ensure that glued blinds become "unstuck" and you will be left with tatty and useless blinds. We have two fully automated production lines that cut, punch and crease the fabric, the fabric is then passed to a team of four who each have automated sewing machines. Because the fabric is cut and folded by machine you can be sure that all the blinds will be of equal length and therefore perfectly straight. We know of a few companies both on eBay and advertising in the press that are people who work from home and cut the fabric by hand. We don't charge anymore than these people, in fact very often we are cheaper than them so don't take the risk.

In Summary
Our made to measure blinds are fitted with the superior chain and cord control system
Our fabric is cut to length by computer controlled machines and is sewn by automated sewing machines.
You are dealing with a reputable Limited company, in fact one of the largest manufacturers and installers of blinds in the North West of England.

If you need further advice then please telephone us Mon - Fri  01744 818200 between 9 and 5

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