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The van I have is a 2004 model which is the one before the current model.

It is identical to the Peugeot Boxer and also the Fiat ducato, but fiat have their own engines.

Mine is the 2lt HDI model, medium wheel base, High roof model it has been a great van, my pride and joy.  If i would change anything i would recommend the 2.2 or 2.8 ltr engines as could do with a bit more power when pulling away or when fully laden, also probably would be a bit more economical, my father has a 2.8 lwb motorhome and says it is a flying machine, so much power at hand.  Saying that mine is not slow by all means and happily can do 90 on the motorway, without too much cabin noise either.

Had it now for 4.5 yrs and has been very reliable, though after 2.5 yrs it developed a slight knocking noise when going over a bump, the dealer could not find the fault and part of the suspension as suspected the shocks or their fittings, turned out to be a large rubber bush on the suspension, which would of been the easiest of all the jobs to do, but you live & learn, or at least the garage did, and the van was under warranty.

Speaking of waranty, citroen do a three year warranty, but you can renew this for upto 5 years for around £300 as long as you renew before the manufacturing warranty runs out, well worth it, but ensure you do it before the 3 yr warranty runs out otherwise be prepared to pay £500 per yr!

The Citroen garage messed me about with this and I ended up only renewing for another year. ( I was getting it serviced and mot'd and above fault corrected, (the fault took 3 attempts to rectify)they told me to sort the warranty out after this, which made it just lapse the 3 yrs.  another note of warning and this goes for all dealers....make sure you check your vehicle before you pick it up, twice i have had mine dented by them, as they are so limited with space at these places and their staff are not really experienced with manoeuvring vans of this size or dont really care.

But the van has been great, I like the fact that the sliding door goes all the way to the top of the roof, meaning over 6ft of head space unlike the transits, which you always bang your head on in getting in and out.

The spec is also very good, I have remote central locking, electric heated mirrors, elec windows, ABS, CD player, pop up clip board on the dash and a fold down table on the middle seat. Adjustable steering, (forward and back) and galvanised chasis, to prevent the dreaded rot that you associate with most vans.

Seating is comfortable and the drivers is easily changed , up & down on the front and back of seat. and lumbar adjustment.

I actually prefer to drive this than most cars I have had, as i love the elevated position.

The gear lever is situated on the dash, this is great, the way most vans are going now, as it gives you a nice clear floor area, as sometimes it is easier to just slide across and get out of the passengers side on a busy main road.  But the changing of gears is a bit 'clunky', not very smooth, but not difficult and they change easy enough, apparently I have been informed it is down to the complicated way the gear lever is wired up.

For the price I think it cant be beaten, I know the vivaro and their equivalent stable mates, may be more economical and quicker but i have heard a lot of horror stories of the engines going.

I have driven a new transit that was very comfy too, and a much better improvement than the last models, but that low sliding door still puts me off as well as the price, and the bodywork soon goes on them.  Plus I have not yet driven the latest Citroen, but I have read in many magazines that they and the boxers have a problem reversing up an incline, burnt clutches etc, and the manufacturers dont seem to want to acknowlege the problem.

So was it a good buy? would I recommend it? well I definitely think it deserves a yes.

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