clerks 2 the film

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oK, Its a bloke film, gross humour, bad jokes and a huge leather clad man giving oral sex to a donkey!!!

It is a weak storyline,(after burubg down their last place bloke and mate work in a fast food place where main dude has a frisson with chick running place but is that day leaving to start a new life with chick with over sozed clitoras in Florida with a house and job thrown in!)


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Relaises his love for fast food chick of course!!

Loved the bit with silent bob playing the music from silence of the lambs and his friend (yeah i forgot his name im a chick get over it) doing the actions the tranny does in the film including shoving his tackle between his legs and asking "would you f*** me? I'd f*** me!"

So basically, if you want to watch saft jokes with a weak plot silent bob and mate stadning outside the place selling drugs waving their arses and pretending to be a tranny mass murder with a bit of beastality thrown in, then this is the film for you!!!!!

-ok its watchable lol----------

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