cleveland wedges fakes watch out

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Hi folks

Do you really think you can buy a set of REAL Cleveland CG11 ( or CG10)  Wedges in ANY finish ( Satin, Black etc) for £100.00 (more or less)?

Well I did, but I was wrong, and so will you be if you follow suit. You're not offered a choice of bounce as you would be with the real thing - why ? - because they only fake the 2 dot bounce - which they say is "standard" - standard for who? and each wedge has the same shaft length - a little unusual ? 

They're too cheap - They're FAKE !! and the manufacturer's true claim that their "CMM" metal is soft is a gift to the fakers - when the soft rubbish steel they make these from starts marking and getting damaged, we all think its fantastic Cleveland technology that's causing it - how stupid are we !!

If it looks too good to be true - IT'S NOT TRUE !!

Go buy from your local pro or one of the franchise stores ( A.G. or N.B'.s)  or somewhere else reputable - leave these fake sellers with their stock.


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