cloth nappies

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When buying cloth nappies on Ebay you need to check that they are new and unused as it is against ebay rules to sell used nappies. Next you need to see whether the nappies have a waterproof layer as some nappies are purley for absorbancy so they will need a waterproof wrap. Next you need to see if they are an all in one nappy meaning they have absorbant layers and not just a pockey nappy that you stuff yourself with absorbant layers. If your baby is a heavy wetter you may need extra boosters for absorbancy. Most common bootsers are micrfiber which is fast absorbing but can cause compression leaks as it is like sponge and others use bamboo which absorbs slower but holds more so if your baby is a fast wetter then the bamboo cant absorb it quick enough and the nappy will flood so most people will stuff a nappy with microfiber on top and bamboo underneath. When used pop them into a nappy pail and after 2-3 days your pail will be full so put the nappies the washer with half the recommended dose of powder (no liquid as it coats the fibers of the nappy and reduces absorbancy, same with softener) and wash on 40-60 for a long cycle such as cotton or baby and add an extra rinse at the end to make sure all detergent is removed. Only tumble dry nappies on low heat or hang to dry. 
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