coleman 335p lantern

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The coleman 335p lantern was introduced during vietnam as a robust multifuel device that later became a sportlite. Issued to US Navy Seals for special missions, they became sought after by collectors of militaria even before the end of the war. The 33p was produced with brass fount, and green enamel tank and top and it is rare to find one with no chips in the enamel. In the second year of production a special version was produced in a batch of only 150. This special issue was orderd my the US military supreme command as gifts for key Generals on the front line and perfect examples have fetched over £1250 at auction. The key differance was the nickel plated finish on the tank, and a good way to verify this lamp as in original condition is to look for the PYREX or COLEMAN logos printed on the glass globe: in an original lantern the writing will be in RED and not white like usual. There are still 20 of these unaccounted for after being lost on the first shipment, thought stolen or destroyed. The rest are distributed to lucky (and wealthy) collectors around the world, including one presented to President Isenhow on his tour of the Coleman factory during a state visit to Canada. The standard green enamel lanterns fetch about £90-£250 depending on condition, with chips knocking scores from the value.
Its still worth buying one of these feisty little lamps even in poor condition, as the numbers are dwindling and prices are always garunteed to go up. One tip, if you are lucky enough to find one in a carton, and it looks like it has never been lit, DONT LIGHT IT! you will half its value at best just by filling the tank with gas.
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