collecting carn pottery online

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buying carn pottery from ebay

When purusing the internet for carn pottery there are many places to look.The most popular site is Ebay.Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item they are selling, ask for the history of the item the age of it and the condition, what postage service do they offer, is there insurance?,is there a refund policy? this will give you an idea of how compitent the seller is. Check the sellers feedback see what other customers have to say, there are two numbers shown in the feedback score the smaller is the rating, this shows how many unique customers have bought from the seller, there is usualy another higher number this is more important,as it shows how many customers are repeat buyers from the seller,and counts every single transaction.

Once you have decided you want to buy from a seller think of how much you intend to pay, have your maximum limit, you can always check in completed items,this will give you an idea of how much items are selling for so you don't pay to much, i recommend watching an item and bidding in the last couple of minutes, there are some dishonest  sellers who practice shilling , this is when an underbidder bids the winning bidder up to get more money for an item, sometims it can even be the seller bidding the customer up in another name, a good clue is if the person has only registered as a buyer within the time of the item for sale being listed and they have no feedback.some sellers practice private auctions to protect the bidders identity, this is good if used honestly,it stops fraudsters offering underbidders items for sale, that they do not have.

most ebay transactions run smoothly and there is always support and help along the way from the ebay help forum.

searching the internet

there are a number of ways to find carn pottery on ebay, the most straight forward is to type carn pottery in the search box and have pottery porcalene and glass in the catergory box. remember some people dont know what they are selling so be creative with your search look in studio pottery or cornish pottery or cornwall, as a seller  could type "a vase bought in cornwall in the 70's."

another great place to look is through google, type in "carn pottery for sale " and the google search engine will find a host of websites i recommend trawling through several of the google pages relating to that topic.

happy hunting

best wishes

maria xx


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