coloured gemstones treatments,

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In febuary 2010 the C.I.J.O.B (the most power full governing commitee in the jewellery industry)the american gem trade association (AGTA) & the,
International coloured stone association (I.C.A.) alll got together to compile a list & tag codes & discriptions for the diclosure of commen treatments & enhancements i have listed these codes - N (no modification or currently has known modififcation process) H - heating  O - oil / resin. W- waxing.
I- Impregnation (with colourless forgien bodies other than oil or resin. R - Irradiation U - Diffusion  B - bleaching  D - dyeing  F - filling  C - coating.
HPHT - high pressure heat treatment. in addition Db - for doublet  Tr - triplet. As yet not many in the industry are not using these codes or tags & many are not detectable. So the rule on buying loose gemstones for jewellery or collecting & these codes not applied you should asume that they are treated unless authenticity can be given stating no treatment applied. There are many gemstones were treatments are not applied here is A - Z on those.Agate ( dendritic,fire,iris & moss) ambyglonite anatase andalusite andesine angelsite apophyllite argonite axinite azurite(druzy)  Barite bastnaesite,bloodstone boracite brazilianite burbanknite bustamite. Calcite cassiterite celesite charite chrsoberyl(brown green yellow)chryopase cinnabar,clinohumite creedite, Danburite(white) datolite diopside dolomite dumorite.Ekanite enstatite eosphorite epidote euclase edialyte.Fire beryl.fluorite(white) fossils.Gahnite garnet genthelvite glazier topaz.Hauyne helidor(cats eye) hematite hemimorphite herderite howlite(white) Idrocase,
iolite.Jasper(multi-coloured) Kornerpurine kunzite(green cats eye) Larimar leifite.Magnesite Manganotantalite marcasite mawsitsit mellite milarite moladavite monazite montrabrasite mookite moonstone.Natrolite nephrite(cats eye) nummit.Obsidian oligoclase opal (fire & moss) Parisite pectolie petalite pezzottaite phenakite pollucite pyrite pyroxmangite Quartz (cats eye rutile & rose) Remondite rhodochrosite.Scapolite(yellow& violet) shceelite scolecite selliate senarmorite sillimante sinhalite serandite shortie siderite smithonite sphalerite sphene spinel sataurolite sugilite sunstone.Tanolite thaumasite tourmaline(some varities) tremolite tugtupite Unakite Vesuviante villaumanite wilsonite wulfinite zultanite(diasopore)many of these can called by other names i shall continue with gemstones known for treatments

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