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over the past few months I have had an increasing number of purchases that were either faulty , not as described or completely different from the item described on the auction page , in each case I have been subjected to a barrage of accusations about myself including lying , substituting different items , damaging the item myself with always a dispute over paying for the return postage , one seller wanted me to return the £1.49 item at a cost of £3.78 for the £1.49 refund and actually lied to me saying ebay didn't allow replacements unless the item was returned ,  another claimed they couldn't have sent me the wrong item as they didn't stock that item , if any of these things  happen to you , immediately report it to ebay as one tactic they all use is to draw the dispute out until the time limit has expired, all the sellers I am talking about had over 99.5% positive feedback on ebay but way below that on amazon , one had 10% negative feedback on amazon , that's one in every ten customers had a problem all defective non-working NEW items, ebay is a great site but always be careful, read the description carefully and don't hesitate to contact ebay customer services if there is a problem with the item OR the seller
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