counterfeit cds / pirated cds

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you will find that a number of sellers on ebay offer a backup copy of a popular album on the understanding that you supposedly have the original. they are not bothered if you do or dont as they intend to make their money by selling you a pirated copy of a popular album.

the business of selling copied cds as a backup is illegal. this applies regardless of if you have the original cd at home.

blank cds are cheap to buy they cost on average between 5 & 10p each so the fraudulent seller has a massive profit margin, you can guarantee they will over charge you on the postage as well. you may find that the majority of counterfeit cds are sold using a stock photo to give you the impression that you are purchasing an original cd.

also be aware of some promo copies, as these are usually sold in plastic sleeves & the cds them selves are printed using a laser scriber, basically this is a new form of cd burner that can  burn writing or images onto the front of a cd. the give away with a laser scriber at present is that it can only be down in monotone colours. tho i think its safe to say that eventually colour will be possible.

if you have any problems with pirated cds please contact the british phonographic industry BPI they operate a confidential contact system where you can report fraudsters/pirates & they will prosecute.

they can be contacted at :-

let get ebay cleaned up & get the pirates out

why spend good money on poor quality copies, cds are cheap enough to but legitimately now     

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