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This message is related to previously  published  guide by member 2005eileenmary !!!

We want to warn all the real estate companies!
The eBay user 2005eileenmary is improper customer if someone can call them a customer. They have not bought nothing in Bulgaria.
When they came here we ensconced them in 4 stars hotel in the Golden Sands resort which is fairly expensive.
They have more than 500 km with taxi car. Team of 6 people succeeded to set up their company in 3 days (the normal time is about 30 days). We offered to them to repair the house as they want at our expenses and also to employ a gardener at our expanses but they refuse.
They asked us to sell the house to them for price 1000 GBP less than the other customer who wanted to buy the same house. They said they are serious clients and they will pay the full price. And yes, they paid but when they came to Bulgaria the asked us to give back the money. We gave back the money without the deposit which we paid to the owner of the house as we had a contract with him.
Look at the prices of the real estate companies in Bulgaria.
For 400 GBP we engage for one week translator(200 GBP), lawyer(350 GBP). We paid more than 250 GBP for their transport. We lost more than 1600 GBP from the deal. And we lost 7 days just for them and their caprices. They have more the 250 GBP for notarial fees, bank fees, lunches and dinners, etc.
At the end we have spent quiet more than the 400 GBP they paid us.
Because of this guide(lies) they have written we are incurring losses. Everyone can ask the other customers we have(look at the feedbacks) for us.
We hope that 2005eileenmary will understand who is the real looser in this situation and they will take down this "guide" after they read this.
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