crate vc50 vintage club amplifier

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owned a VC 50 for 20 years, has been used in a pro studio for many of them and used on the road for many blues gigs. ignore any snobbery you hear about crate amps not being great. the vc 50 is one of the best sounding clean valve amps on the plannet. its a one trick pony as the overdrive is a waste of time and so is the effects loop. as a clean versitile blues amp it is superb. they should be selling for a lot more that they go fo. i have owned countless vintage fenders,vox messa amps etc and non have sounded better than the clean channel on the crate. if you hear a bad word about the sound of them, someone has either had a faulty amp or is hard of hearing!. mark knopfler uses them all the time on the road. he has made comments in the past stating that the vc50 is one of his favourite recording amps but has also mentioned that they have been slightly unreliable on the road. i personally have never had any problems with mine other than a change of valves and slightly dirty input jacks causing problems. if you can find one, buy it, you will be blown away by the clean sound. remember though this amp will not do heavy rock or metal without a decent pedal for distortion and it's a very heavy amp to carry around.
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