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I brought a USB stick from this seller, at worked ok at the beggining, but then as i used it couple more times it stopped recording. The USB is not reliable its a cheap imitation and the life span of this product from this seller is probably worth no more than a month. The USB stick might look fancy, but in reality its just another KNOCK OFF product. You pay for what you get , they are cheap to produce and cheap to buy, they look fancy and 8Gigs sounds nice, However dont trust it with recording valuable information as you will probably loose it.

The e-mailed the seller about the item and the seller replied to me, telling me to send it back, which in reality is not worth it because i'd have to pay for postage and packaging and they probably wont send it back either. I left a good feedback for them when i first got the item, however if you ever purchase this item, use it for a couple of days before giving feedback. Also the amount of good feedback from this seller is questionable, if you look at ALL the products carefully from the seller, you can really tell that most of it are knock off products, they fakes, if your lucky u will get one that would work fine, but like i said dont trust it with valuable information as it may get lost. Either way just to let others know, this is a cheap immitation shopping.
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