curio-sity (1946 scam paypal etc etc

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Reading the scam curio-sity  mentioned has compelled me to add my two pennorth. As a top seller and power whatever I thought stupidly that I would be deemed as being truthful. However when I purchased a cheap camcorder  on ebay and paid for it paypal I thought I was quite safe. How laughable is that, after many excuses as to why it had not arrived I complained to ebay , they set up the dispute and then I get the message saying you will be refunded by the seller on such and such date. Did he refund, of course not but he had the gall to tell me that paypal had issued a refund to me.  E bay then closed the case  saying we are glad we have sorted out your claim. Stand by - stress levels rising to critical. I contact ebay asking if they can  check  his account with paypal (their own company ) .  Stock reply back- once a case has been closed it cannot be reopened. THANKYOU EBAY YOU CERTAINLY GOT THIS ONE WRONG  




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