customising clothes,vintage and second hand top buys

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i ve always been interested in fashion from an early age, my mum used to drag me along to carboots and second hand shops from as early as i can remember, i used to think she was being cruel,( lol) but now, later on in life i realise that she instilled my passion ,my passion for fashion, what a cliche! anyway i remember that feeling of having somthing that nobody else had,"where did you get that"?i loved it! and i knew that every other girl whatever age loved that same question being asked,even if you are the most insecure person in the world that question "where did you get that" makes you feel on top of the world  and that is great. i decided that i wanted to make one off jackets for girls and ladies who want to stand out from the crowd, not just melt in to boring humdrum with the same old jacket that every tom, dick and harriet is anyway, im about to venture out into the world of work showing off my talents and hopefully, not just making me loads of money,! lol but giving us females of the species CONFIDENCE!!!!!! Email me and i will show you the PRODUCTS! i guarantee that you will be pleased, i aim to please, that is my moto xx
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