daily mirror dvd and book promotion!

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Im writing this giude to try and save at least somebody a small fortune unless you really are desperate for them! . i was so astonished at what i saw whilst browsing through ebay earlier some sellers are selling the kids ladybird dvd and book promotion  that were recently in the mirror(for free) for over £2.00 +p+p

this is a complete rip off as i got the whole set in summerfield supermarket on thursday 22nd feb!! yes they were actually giving them away and i didnt have to buy the mirror and the funny thing was i wasnt even going in the shop i walked past with my little one in the buggy and the lady came running out after me!!! when i eventually went in abit later they had a whole trolley full of them i could of picked up more and sold them on here and made myself a profit but i dont think its fair to rip people off 

so unless you want to be ripped off i wouldnt bother!!!

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