damaged in transit buyer scam

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As always ebay is full of scammer's from  hijacked accounts offering £15,000 motorhomes for 4,999 GBP to - will you post to my brother in Uratosser? 

In light of ebays enthusiastic keenness to find in the buyers favor it seems that every man and his dog is jumping on the 'lets rip someone off bandwagon'

The most common one at the moment seems to be damaged in transit scams. With sellers now more keen to send items tracked the old scam of ' I've not recieved my item ' has been replaced with ' My item is broken or has bits missing '  It then follows with demands for money to be knocked off and refunded for the damaged or missing part/s . Most sellers in fear of negative feedback simply refund the demanded figure rather than refund the whole cost of the item, Whilst I appreciate that money is tight for some and the feedback system is outrageous DONT ROLL OVER AND TAKE IT .First of all contact your couriers or post office to establish if the item was signed for in good condition, most people do not read the small print on the hand held pda device presented by the courier upon delivery , but it does say 1. recieved in good order ! 2. Damaged package or 3. damaged refused or something to that effect . Do not offer part refunds for damaged goods as in 99% of cases you are being ripped off ! My advice is to request that the item is returned recorded delivery complete with original packaging, so you can refer it to your postal service and local police, after all, scams and false claims are a criminal offence.

Its about time ebay started a system where sellers can log buyers who make official and un-official claims for damage, lost items or buyers who make threats of negative feedback so that sellers can see what type of buyer they are offering goods to . Whilst Ebay provides a rogue seller charter in the form of feedback it does'nt provide a rogue buyer log as only positive feedback can be left against buyers user names! Yes they provide a non payment strike system but again totally pointless !! Let me know about your items which went to a scammer so I can add them to this Guide........

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