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Near the end of June 2011 I sold a new AsRock G31M m kit to this customer. Not long after they received the item I received a complaint that they were unable to regulate the speed of the CPU fan, it was set to high speed only and that they had updated the BIOS. No other fault has been reported to date. I entered into quite a lengthy and detailed exchange of mail with them about the nature of this problem. During this perfectly amicable exchange they then claimed that the CPU fan problem had been evident before they upgraded the BIOS. They were unable to explain why they had tried to upgrade this when they thought it was faulty. In my last mails to them I suggested that they had upgraded the BIOS, that it had gone badly and they were left with the problem they had. They never denied this. In their final e mail they perversely said that they hadn't wanted a replacement anyway.

I was unable to replace this item because it had been modified which invalidates any return option and because the problem was reported to me outside of the clearly advertised return period stated in our terms and conditions. The unit was in complete working order and I suggested to the customer how wildly extravagant it would be to replace an item with which there was one very superficial and disguised glitch which was doing nothing to prejudice their 100% perfect operation and enjoyment of the unit. I did offer a replacement at a low wholesale price and offered to pay for the postage which I thought was a fair solution easily proportional to the problem.

I was not very sympathetic to the buyer because they changed their account to say that the BIOS problem had existed before their upgrade attempt and because they never re-inforced their stated sense of dis-satisfaction with their purchase by simply sending the unit which they had spent so much energy complaining about back to us. They insisted that we 'test' the item where no testing facility exists or was advertised. My understanding is that the system they built with this unit works perfectly.

As far as we are concerned a transaction is a contract and we have very clearly advertised terms and conditions. We expect out customers to abide by what they have agreed to and we are happy to use our discretion. Discretion told us this time that the customer had been admitedly tampering with the item as sold to him, was less than open with us about the the problem, the extent of which did not justify a replacement at all, the sustained complaints we received about it and the amount of time needed to correspond about it. With only 24 trades this customer has to be categorised as a very demanding amateur ebayer.

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