debate about walkers.

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I have read a couple of reviews about baby walkers, door bouncers etc. I am not saying that what i am about to write is scientifically correct and some people will disagree but i am writing this as personal experience and how its effected myself and children.
Baby walkers in my eyes are not that bad. 3 out of 4 of my children have been in them and they have not been effected by medical conditions or been put in any danger at all. if anything i have found that it does help there mobility and it also encourages them to explore. if you do wish to put your child in a walker then make sure its safe to do so. if you have fire places then put up guards, if you have stairs, put up stair gates, doorways you will need door guards to stop child from trapping fingers. never leave hot objects lying around anyway, and in general make everything safe. my children have great intellect and i think that they improved there walking skills from these walkers. they find them fun and the can move and interact with people a lot easier. all my children were walking before they were 1 and my eldest was walking at 9 months. she looked funny as she was still little, but i put that down to her advanced mobility. it made her more determined to walk. they all started trying to walk before they tried crawling, and with teething she always had something on her tray to put in her mouth. obviously the larger teethers so she wouldnt choke. when they get to the stage of learning to walk then parents can take over and love the moments of them taking there first steps and then continuing to grow and move. but i do not think they are bad. the only thing i would say is dont abandon your child to the walker for long periods as you will miss out on the fun too but its ok in my eyes for them to go in these. i will continue to have my children in walkers and the better ones are the ones without the stoppers on the bottom so they can move abit more easier. i think that watching them in these is quite funny and they seem to enjoy it. yes they can go fast if you have tiled floors or laminate and yes they can glade further in them but like stated as long as they are safe i dont see any problems with them. there is also people stating that it makes them have bowed legs or walking on there tippy toes, but i have found none of these true in my experience. when they are walking you do not put them in it so they can then carry on learning to walk properly. 
Please again inform me on how you feel or tell me if i have made a mistake. this is just my familys experience and all children and families are different. im a mum not a scientist or researcher. just a mum. :)   please feel free to comment and vote. and message me if you want to chat.
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