dell insiron 6000 laptop

Like if this guide is helpful

this is a very good sturdy laptop would recommend it. as it is quite easy to use and is quite handsome looking. the keyboard seams very sturdy and nice to use.

the screen is lovely and clear none reflective type. making it easy to look at in bright conditions.

the sound quality and volume is also better than other laptops that i have owened in the past. which makes it ideal for watching dvds and playing cds on. you also have the media buttons on the front of the laptop so you can listen to cds with the lid closed the buttons are mute, volume down, volume up, pause/play, previous/ next track, stop. they all light up when you press on of the buttons with a lovely blue led so you can easily see them at night.

the body seams very sturdy constructed its finnished in silver with white down the sides of the laptop and on the lid making this look good.

it has 4 usb ports, h/phone and mikerophone jackplugs, monitor plug, most things are plug and play making extra things easy to put on.

the only thing on the - side is it hasent got no built in mike or web cam. if you wanted to use it for skpe or anything like that.

the battery in mine lasts around two hours. but i think you can buy a upgraded battery with more cells in making it last upto 5 hrs on a full charge making it ideal for mobility.

but if you want a sturdy handsome looking laptop then i would recommend this one.



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