demanding ignorant members.

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hi to all,

after having some ignorant rude memebers demanding refunds and boi they manners are very rude maybe they should learn some manners and after all they dont cost nothing.

and trying to tell a seller how to run they affairs which to me is very rude plus they seem to think that its they rights to speak to sellers how they feel well its a shame that we cant do the same.

but the way to avoid these people is just to block them from ever bidding on any of you items again and also block them if you have any other accounts which many sellers have on here.

and like me i was tought manners and how to use them aswell but at the end of the day its they lose as at some point you will have something they want and guess what no you cant because they are blocked plus theys a way of telling if they are using another i.d to bid on your item which if you need to know how to do just email and i will tell you how to tell so then you can block then this way aswell.  

and if they were to contact a seller in a polite manner then you would only to happy to offer a refund.

but never mind sellers just put it down to ignorance.


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