dishonest sellers

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I bought an item xda phone on july 9th - on receipt of the bid i got an email saying dont you withdraw bid and you must pay me when bids close - i thought this rather odd as i have good feedback , this got my suspicions up about the item & seller.

well as it turned out the xda was a german xda not much use to me, i only speak english , on contacting seller he didnt seem to think it relivant it was a german and didnt feel the need to say anything in the informaton given about it  , he thought it was up to me to sort it out myself and was rather dismissive about it all.

I raised a paypal action and was asked to send it back which i did on 23rd july - seller got item on 24th and confirmed he would refund me etc PAYPAL asked me 3 times for proof of posting - well i sent the copy email to them from seller (vie ebay contact form ) so it show i wasnt making it up , i got another email from paypal asking for proof and it went on 3 times.

I was on holiday the day after i snet a futher email to paypal and when i came back paypal had closed case and made a comment i mustve  have sorted it out with seller ? no i did not and seller was rather dismissive about it after i said i still have not been refunded as i had expected him to do so out of being an honest ebay member .

he said i should have provided proof of posting to paypal ( isnt it for paypal records to make sure if required but hed confirmed to me he hadd got item back  !!!)  yes well i did , him saying he had it paypal were very vague about what they meant by proof - the code number i could have made up - I thought the SELLERS CONFIRMATION HE HAD IT email would suffice but no it wasnt good enough for them and all there questions seemed like the didnt know what to do -

well the seller has the item back and has tried to re sell it - hes got my £84 also and seemed to  think im in the wrong !!!!


so anyone beware of sending things back to dishonest sellers and make sure Items in the languge you understand ( it helps ) as some seller might think it not relivant to mention this .

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