dodgy dealers

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    i was stiffed when i sold my wifes mobile phone, using buy it now (yes she did know i was selling it) i am usually very weary of any ecommerce transactions but as this was a first for me i was still a little green. needless to say the transaction did not happen and resulted in it being re-listing three times before i finally give up and sold it privately. the culprit was buying it and then asking me to post it to nigeria or somewhere very strange like that they gave a postcode that didn't represent anything like a postcode they misspelt everything and put it all in the wrong context so common sense told me this was a wrong un! but because they had gone through the buy it now proceedure it was no longer listed. you can imagine how irritating and off putting this was i reported it to ebay and got some of the listing expenses back but the moral of this is IF IT LOOKS DODGY IT PROBABLY IS.  a lesson learned  the hard way eh?

CAVEAT EMPTOR  means buyer beware and is widley used as defense in county court cases. if it is written its broken and you buy it there is nothing you can do about you have purchased a broken item i have found this is more relevent with e commerce as yoiu cannot try before you buy this is not meant to put you off but to make you more dilligent. ebay is not a place for spotanious purchasing but is excellent for patient and scrutinised bargain hunting.

never answer anything from ebay unless you have recieved via MY EBAY. if you haven't then it's highly likley that it's some scumbag phishing for your details password, email address, account details etc.


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