doll sold by a ebay loosely term word seller

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I bought an doll on Ebay from a bad seller. A true account!

I bought a doll on ebay recently in September,  it was sold as New. When I recieved it, it was a tatty box dented ripped etc. It was definatley not NEW or IMMACULATE. the seller was very rude shouting in his emails and not nice to deal with. I tried to be ok with him as I just finally wanted to send the doll back but to no avail, he argued that he bought it from another seller and I should accept it.

I opened  the case in resolution, he argued but finally said to send doll back for a refund, which I did and sent it specail delivery with tracking and proof of postage. It took a number of days before he picked it up, he received it and said he would refund me.So later that day he sent an email through resolution claiming a refund has been given, but in my end there was none. Another email came through telling me there a problem with the refund. So I submitted a reply stating I would not close the resolution and pressed the submit reply. The case shut with ebay saying refund has been given case is closed.

I got straight through to the chat email line customer service who told me to ring customer service next day. Customer service said I would get refund from them but had to wait 10 days but to still ask him for the refund another customer service person said to wait 7 days for a refund from ebay but in meantime if seller gives a refund to tell them.

The so called seller ducked and dived out of that with every excuse given. One of the excuses saying hes rung customer service and they have told him its rare but mistakes like this happen and to go to his bank and check what had happened. Customer service claimed he did not call them as no call was logged.

There was no refund ever given not from ebay, as they are saying case is closed and they cant do anything, though I know I only submitted a reply I never shut the case and it was not going on long enough to be shut by them ( 7 days in resolution ). So I have had a verbal apology from a customer service person and have been told to go to fraud ebay international in Ireland which I have sent all details over. The loosely termed seller never came back to me with a refund. So I have given  him a truthful neg. The case kept ongoing upto 45 days with seller making one excuse to another. So he is happy now with ebay, he has my money,  has the item,  which ebay know about, and he quids in. Me myself out of money, completely robbed.

Please good ebayers be very careful with dodgy sellers. Dont reply in resolution if you dont get a refund,  just escalate it. I wish I had done that, its just I am an honest person, so all I did was  replied as I had done earlier and somthing like this happens, who can you trust.

Sadly I have lost faith in Ebay. I have gone on forums and found out that other buyers have had the same happening, but ebay are not doing anything about it. the word being used that its a glitch but it it losing honest buyers their money through no fault of their own. 

So with this happening I now hardly buy anything as I dont want to be mugged from loosely termed word sellers on Ebay.

So now I am extra vigilant with checking negs however far back they go,

 if a seller is that bad with the buyer, you could be next recieving the same treatment.

I hope this wont happen to you reading this but please beware with neg sellers. Dont trust them,  be very careful in resolution as things go wrong there too.

I have found some people are marking this guide down, as they are probably the sellers friends or him,

I am telling the truth and if this guide is offending you, please be aware he is not the only person who is telling lies, please be aware he has friends.

I am an honest person and I dont ask my friends to mark this as they know me. 

I have sold Items and have an 100% feedback which I am proud of.

Ths is the so called seller who:

A: says he will give you a refund once item is returned.

B:  lies all the way through resolution.

C : And keeps lying until Oct 25th saying he will give refund when he checks bank statement,  then ignores giving you a refund for the 45 day knowing that ebay have made a mistake by shutting case down.

D. So just remember the people who have marked this down are friends of his or maybe him, do you think its ok to rip genuine ebayers off ?  just remember one day, you may have this happen to you.

 I dont wish this to happen to good genuine buyers.

E. For some strange reason you think I made this up, please feel free to report me. I am speaking the truth and I am kind enough to warn other genuine ebayers.

Again:  Thankyou to the genuine ebayers for supporting me, it,s nice to hear that not all buyers or seller are ripping people off. So if you agree with me please be honest enough to say you agree and mark me up. Please tell other family ebayers to mark up this, as genuine buyers and sellers need to be heard. Not this so called sellers friends.

This case will continue, I am checking other avenues. I will take this case further. Ebay at this moment have done nothing, this so called seller is still buying, not selling.

Ebay customer support  have had this so called seller reported, but up to this presence of time have done nothing to freeze this so called sellers account .

So its buyer beware, you might hit it lucky with this so called seller, hes done this to 3 of us genuine ebayers so he might do to you, as he has done to us. Caveet!!!!!


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