double pram nitemares

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ive also had lots of problems finding the right double pram,i have a two yr old a 14 mth old and a 4 half mth babie ,and what a nitemare it has been ,first pram was a mclaren side by side,lovely pram but hard to push when one childs heavy pulls to the side all the time.then i bought a graco good pram for a short while but very hard to push pregnant with twobig babies on board.then a bought a hoaxton from mothercare,very comfy but very heavy on the frame and mine was faulty,so got a refund ,so i bought asingle pram and a buggy board and a baby carrier ,handy for taking them to toddler group,but very difficultto mange,naw ive got the mothercare 3 wheeler urban detour,and its brillant ,largest out of all of them but so easy to pushand comfy ,even my two year old gets in when shes tired and has a ride there so roomy ,ive also got a mclaren for the car because there compact ,hope this was useful to any one having small age gaps ,all 3 are ten and half mths apart ,looking at the phil n teds nxt they look very good ,thanx for reading
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