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I purchased a top from the above trader, when I received it there was a huge hole in it. 

I had to send several tiresome emails before she agreed to refund me the amount of the top and original postage but I had to pay the P&P to send it back.

  I returned it recorded delivery only to have it returned to sender a few weeks later as the trader was not in and failed to collect it.

  Once again there were tiresome emails where she was just plain rude and there was one excuse after another.  I had to open a case with ebay against her and though i still tried to resolve it with seller, i was not willing to return it again and be more out of pocket.  She  refunded me an insulting £5 so i pusued the remainder she owed but she refused even as a good will gesture after all the trouble i had gone to all due to this trader selling goods under false pretences.

  She has had 7 negative feedbacks in 12 months for items being sold that were not as described.

Ebay have agreed with me and i won my case against this seller and will be receiving my refund in 3 days time.

I just want to make other ebayers aware not to buy from this seller as you will be out of pocket, stressed and cheated.  This is not how customers should be treated. 

update - i managed to leave this seller negative feedback and she replied by saying the top was sent in perfect condition and that i had ruined it. 

customers please beware of this seller she is a liar and a cheat, it is terrible to think that an innocent customer like myself was put through this and the seller has the cheek to say i ruined it.  the top is in the bin as it was good for nothing else.

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