dvd postage charges

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Hi,All,thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hopefully you will agree with me that ebay has still not sorted it,s postage charges out.They dictate on most items what a seller can charge.

Fair enough most items are fairly priced within the postage limits,some sellers take advantage of this and charge the maximum,if they do then they deserve lower dsr,s when it comes to feedback time.Always ensure you check your parcel when it arrives and if you have been overcharged make sure you respond at feedback time.That may stop them overcharging.

What i wanted you to know is the poor sellers who cant charge properly,they have to state the postal price within the listing,most of the time the buyer only sees the postage at the top of the listing and for a heavy dvd boxset it says it can be posted for £1.25

This is impossible,not even 2nd class could it be done.If your a buyer please understand most sellers post recorded delivery due to the amount of people claiming it has not been recieved and they scam their money back robbing the seller.Yes this is done regularly and again it has happened to me.I only post recorded now for you and mysels security and peace of mind.

On average a normal dvd boxset will cost £3.50 including any packaging (ie a new jiffy bag) please bear this in mind if you read this when you next buy a dvd boxset.

The ebay system needs sorting out,pricing is unfair on quite a few of the popular listing catergories ie mobile phones,i sell one max postage £7.75 if i list a joblot of 30 phones guess what maximum postage £7.75 see what i mean.

Please respond to your ebay surveys and lets try and get some of the issues sorted out,maybe just maybe someone will listen.

Thanks for reading this,Happy selling/buying,regards damien.

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