dvd recorders

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i would like to advise potential buyers of a well known brand of dvd recorder to beware of a possible serious and expensive fault you may encounter if you do not take the trouble to ask a seller  questions before bidding or buying ask this upon loading a +R disc does the front display read DISK ERROR or DISK CONTAINS UNKNOWN DATA and will it sometimes not record or stop during recording ?if you are told yes DONT BUY you may be told it needs cleaning or better quality discs DONT BUY look elsewhere taking a chance will leave you with a£140 repair bill as it needs to be returned to the manufacturer to rectify this fault which affects old and newer models  i believe the vast majority of sellers are not aware either SO ASK if its any help to you my name is PHILIP  (truth) to be fair i have to say if you buy a fully working machine you have a superb recorder but please do your homework
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