e bays attitude to german ww2 awards

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come on e bay get a grip on reality we all know of the horrors SOME GERMANS did in ww2 but you say all the awards medals are nazi party rubbish its time you gave collectors a chance  and stopped this crusade to deny people knowledge of ww2 in war all sides commit atrocities dressden 100.00 civilians killed by the raf  americas massacres in vietnam  the horrors the japanease commited and for stalin well theres a story when his troops liberated russian pows he accused them of cowardice simply cos they didnt die and sentenced them to 10 years in a golag so e bay if you want to ban a countries medals for war crimes you had better ban the whole lot and why do you alow coins, stamps that bear the hooked cross and not badges and medals double standards or what why dont you ask the bbc to ban dads army,the world at war, and the nazis a warning from history because they show the twisted cross you should not be influenced by politics just cos someone bids for a german medal dos not make him a racist or want to promote violence and subversion of ethnic groups if a british guy joins the army it does not mean he is a member of the conservative party does it  COME ON E BAY THIS IS 2010 NOT 1945 give your self a shake and join the rest of the world in the modern times.and bear in mind some of the worst crimes were carried out by colabarators i.e.bronislav kamanski ss unit too extreme even for himmler who had him shot for atrocites in poland all russians in the service of germany same at babi yar shootings done by ukrainian police units so lets get things into perspective
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