eBay Account disappeared overnight...

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I woke up this morning and found my account Animehomeuk has disappeared from the surface of the earth. I tried contacting eBay US Live help but the only response I got from the customer support was "please register for a new account as I can't find any information on the userid or account information." S/he couldn't even be bothered about the situation I was in and did not even make any attempts to help me recover the account. It was only when I asked if s/he should forward me to someone who could help instead of just asking me to re register for a new account than s/he gave me the link to email customer support.

This account took me 2 long years to build up with a total of close to 1.7k feedback and a powerseller status. I can't believe the attitude of the customer support of just asking me to re-register for a new account without even trying to help me out.


It was only when I contat the Live Help in the Singapore site and they tried their very best to help me in what they could though I was eventually led to the email page again.

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