eBay Frauds That Are Commited By Buyers

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Professional scammers target new members to take advantage of their unfamiliarity with how eBay or PayPal work.

Frauds committed by buyers include:

  • PayPal fraud: Filing false shipping damage claim with the shipping company and with PayPal.
  • Credit Card Fraud, in the form of both stolen credit cards and fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Receiving merchandise and claiming otherwise
  • Returning items other than received
  • The buyer sends a forged payment-service e-mail, which states that the buyer has made a payment to the seller's account. An unsuspecting seller may ship the item before realizing the e-mail was forged.
  • eBay Buy And Switch Scam
  • Cheque Overpayment Scams


If you encounter any of the above it is always worth reporting the individual to eBay or PayPal.

But since eBay makes its money on commissions from listings and sales, it may not be in eBay's interest to take action against large sellers.

Also new members can be easily tricked into thinking there is a special website they should make payments through (which is in fact a fake site setup by a scammer) or they may be tricked more easily into using a fake escrow company.


To combat fraud:

  • Third party businesses are compiling lists of stolen goods from local authorities and businesses so eBay consumers can check to see whether the goods they are buying are stolen.
  • Third party software is available, which will alert users if they are tricked into going to a spoof website such as the MyLittleMole Toolbar which is free.
  • The eBay Toolbar is also free and very easy to use. This toolbar has a feature called account guard, which turns green when on any official eBay or PayPal site.
  • The use of such software could potentially eliminate eBay account hijacking.

Please see my guide on eBay-Frauds-That-Are-Commited-By-Sellers again this give you an insight into some of the frauds that are committed on eBay

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