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I would just like to warn anybody who sees this about buying an engine. I purchased one from eBay I.D motor_sportspeed and it was useless. When fitted the engine was running and sounded OK, until the weird noises came. The engine had a crack in one of the cylinders allowing water to flow through this and coming out through the exhaust. It sounded like a submarine! Not only that, the engine was burnt out (as expected due to how quickly the water was disappearing).The oil light also came on.
This was a very dishonest eBayer and I would just like to warn anybody who thinks about buying an engine from these cowboys. I was told it was tested (if it was it would have been obvious that this was broke). I had the engine for two months before the mechanic could fit me in to have this fitted. Obviously eBay only give 45 days to open a case and this was beyond that point. This was not my fault as I could only have it fitted when the mechanic was available. I contacted the seller and received the following reply:


I'm afraid our engines only come with a 30 day
maximum warranty.

They are though all fully tested before removal, and a
fault of this kind would definitely have been spotted, so if it has only
just been fitted there shouldn't be a fault of this kind.

If all the
water is running out of the exhaust this doesn't sound like a cracked block
or head, especially if the engine still runs. If the block was cracked the
water would either be on the floor, in the oil or if in the exhaust the
engine wouldn't run correctly. There are some water pipes running over the
manifold/to the manifold (inlet and exhaust) this is where I would be
looking for the problem as described


Obviously if it was tested, the problem would have been spotted and I would not of been ripped off with £200 (or maybe it was spotted and they knew exactly what they were doing). They explain if the (cylinder) block was cracked, the water would either be on the floor or in the oil and the engine wouldn't run correctly. Exactly! The water was on the floor because it came out of the exhaust along with spots of oil, and no as I said the engine wasn't running correctly hence the reason I contacted you! If you ask me, the reply seemed like they very much knew the problem but explained it in a way to make them look like they had no idea. The mechanic showed me where the water was coming from. He filled the water header tank up and you could physically see it draining from the bottle, lots of water appeared below me all over the floor and the mechanic had readily taken off the exhaust from the back of the engine and you could clearly see water pouring out of the cylinder.
I contacted the seller again and explained that I had a picture and video to show this and with no shocking surprise... I was ignored.
There is absolutely nothing I can do about this now, I have contacted eBay who suggest that I contact the police about fraud. I very much doubt this would get me anywhere but may be worth a try.
I am writing this only to warn other buyers (especially of this cowboy) and maybe others. If you are buying an engine, have it fitted within the 45 day time slot that eBay offers (as apposed to the '30 day maximum warranty' this thief offered). Not all sellers are like this but I would advise that you don't buy an engine from this seller. Unfortunately I could not leave feedback for this item for all to see, hopefully this guide is useful for someone who may see it and considered buying from this thief.
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