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Sellers who sell in volume or have been selling for a long time know that you cannot be solely reliant on eBay marketing efforts, and you will need to do some marketing yourself. The question is what marketing efforts work and are the most effective? I have put this short guide together to get you started.

Google Connector
If you do a search on Google for Google Connector and download this tool. This handy little tool that uploads your shop to Google Base. eBay does this for you as well. However there is no harm in doing yourself. It just doubles your chances.

Reviews and Guides
Writing reviews and guides are a good way of bringing traffic to your shop, as well as increasing your reputation and creditability. This is if you write constructive and helpful guides. For Example, I sell boxing hand wraps so naturally a good guide to increase the chances of conversion of this item is to write a guide about hand wrapping. I will always link my listings to my guides in eBay. This way you will stay within eBay’s policies.

The Right Balance
eBay structures it’s searches in priority with respect to the type of listing. Auctions and Fixed Priced Listings will show in the search results as a priority then followed by eBay express listings then finally store inventory. Keeping this in mind you need to have the right balance between your Auctions, Fixed Priced Listings or eBay express listings and store inventory. It is suggested a 1:4 ratio is good. For Example, if you list 100 items then 75 should be store inventory and the other 25 will be listed using the other listing options.

Keyword Research
More often than not when you list an item on eBay you will just put in its most common name. However if you run this common name through a keyword suggestion tool you may find that people are searching on a term which is more popular than the one you were going to use, which would yield a higher traffic volume to your shop. However the opposite could be true. You could find a niche keyword which has a better conversion ratio than a high traffic volume keyword phrase. This is where keyword tracking comes into play. In addition I would always try and find a niche keyword with low competition on eBay. The reason why is if not a lot of people are using that set of keywords in their title then you can get a way with a store inventory listing. Why is this good? Well if few people are listing in Auctions, Fixed Priced or eBay express listings type then the search results with be substituted with the store inventory listings. This saving you money because store inventory listings are cheaper than the other ones. I have found that the search results need to have 30 or less listings for this to happen.

I tend to run my promotions in quiet times to generate interest in my products and what I am doing. I have run a few promotions recently whereby I actually made a loss. However these promotions actually generated referrals/sales. Nevertheless you need to have measures in place to measure the effectiveness of running such promotions, as this can become a really money drainer if you do not monitor them. Running a promotion does not always means selling the product cheap. It can also mean putting an added incentive there. For Example, free shipping or something that complements the item. In my case I have just run a promotion on Boxing Gloves whereby the buyer would receive a pair of free hand wraps. This item increases the attractiveness of the item and has a small additional cost for the hand wraps.

Quality Pictures
The saying a picture speaks a 1000 words is definately true on eBay. Taking good quality pictures of your products will definately help in your marketing efforts. I would recommend getting a d-flector from sharpics. This item uses a reflective film which means when you take the picture the product will be on a bright white background, so no more messing around with photoshop to take the background out of images. Also sometimes it is a good idea to take video of footage of your product if you think this enhances the listing.

Any questions just let me know.

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