eBay Password Phishing Warning ! Please Read

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Everyone in the eBay Community Buyer or Seller needs to be aware of this particular email Scam to obtain your eBay user name and Password !  I was sent this clever email in Oct 2010


(the email title is the name of the item you have listed title, so for me it was one of my Control Pads)


Hi there,

I purchased an item form your ebay store but i can't make the payment through paypal. It seems that listing has been removed. Can you check it out? Here is the auction link: http:*********

Please let me know as soon as possibile




This Email uses a method called phishing, by supplying you with a link to click on to go and view the item in question, once you click on the link, even though it starts with http:// in the link address it sends you to a website where the web address in the search bar at the top of your browser is an FTP:// address and not the usual HTTPS://  address,  this website it sends you to looks absolutely 100% identical to the eBay or Pay Pal log-in details web page, it has been done to look identical! But of course don't be fooled by this Scam DONT type in your passwords unless you see the eBay or Pay Pal log-in page has the https:// in the search bar at the top of your Internet browser before typing in any user names or passwords.

I have received this email twice now the first time it re-directed me to a fake eBay log-in page, the second time it re-directed me to a fake Pay Pal page, both times Ive received it from different email address's and both times it is worded very similar its just the link they supply that changes. but it still takes you to the fake ftp:// site,

I tried logging in to this fake site by typing in a very rude word as my user name and a rude sentence as my password it appears to log you in correctly then just comes up with an eBay or Pay Pal page saying the item has been removed or is no longer accessible etc.

I have obscured the link on the copy of the email above for your security so as you don't click on it, and I have also removed the the senders name, but you can see from the copy of the email above how it would look.

So the rule is ONLY put your log in and passwords into websites loaded up from Shortcuts you have created yourself rather than searching on a search provider like google each time, and always make sure the website address displayed in the top of the browser search bar starts with the letters https:// when logging in with passwords and user names. Note for windows Internet explorer 8 the search bar turns bright green and also has a small picture of a padlock at the end of the search bar so as you can easily spot the https://

It is interesting the way the email has been written suggests they are trying to buy or have bought a "Buy It Now" item, though on this particular email the item it was referring to was an item on auction that still had over 1 day left to run, so of course they could not possibly be having difficulty paying ! at this stage of the auction.

You may notice these types of emails often have poor use of English or have obvious spelling mistakes like this one they spelt possible wrong (see above)


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