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I have been scammed on eBay twice only in my near 3 years using this auction website.

On both occasions, the auctions seemed entirely genuine; the vendors offered PayPal as a vehicle for payment and as a buyer I assumed that PayPal would act in my best interests, i.e. vigorously pursue the miscreant and recover my misappropriated monies.

Unfortunately despite the mega multi millions of currencies being earned by PayPal every minute of everyday they are apparently reluctant to follow conventional channels in the conduct of a fraud investigation.  There is an evident reticence to notify the law enforcement agencies established and funded via the burdening bludgeon of personal taxation to take care of the perpetrators of such misdemeanours.  Why should this be so?

It would be my contention that eBay fear disclosing the mechanisms of PayPal to such a regulatory body, at least on two likely grounds; (1) exposure of the workings of PayPal would attract ridicule and derision and (2) the unwelcome and uncomfortable questions relating to safety measures and the incredible generation of profit received by PayPal. 

Fraud is defined as, 'obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception', it is regrettable that a very small percentage of eBay's users see genuine long-term users of this site a, 'fair game', and furthermore that the area of mobile sales is, 'open season'.

Look carefully for the warning signs; feedback percentages/comments, transactions completed, changes of trading identity, newish members selling current or brand new mobile phone models cheaply.  Compare prices with long-established and honourable eBayers; if a questionable disparity is noted then DO NOT TRANSACT business.

My error of judgement has just cost me £160.  Do not let this happen to you.

Regards, Mat


p.s. looseends1992, Matthew Ayree watch your back chum...  My associates are gonna get ya! 


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