eBay... Perfect for small business owners

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My Journey

Before I started on eBay, I was unemployed for a very long time... It was crushing my confidence and I believed myself to be unemployable (I still do!) 

But then my friend introduced me to this opportunity, it was basically a training platform, teaching people how to sell on eBay!

It was so simple, yet so effective! I would find products on the internet, advertise them on eBay and then sell them to the highest bidder.

So I started. I learned. I made the mistakes and I learned from them. The whole process was simple, enjoyable and I was finally making my own money!

Well I was impressed, could making money really be this easy? I asked myself. Well, perhaps it's not so 'easy' but it's certainly simple. I would recommend selling on eBay any day to any man. The process is simple. Open your selling account and get your first product listed. Ebay are so helpful and the listing process is easy.

So now I have been in business about a year and am weaning off benefits and sustaining myself and my little family. So if you are thinking of selling on eBay, think no more! As Nike would say 'Just Do It!'
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