eBay SHOP SUCCESS - 3 KEY Steps and Strategies

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So you want a Succesful eBay Shop. You want more Traffic. And you definitely want more Sales.

Being an SEO and web conversion expert on and off of eBay this is the first of 5 eBay shop guides and if you implement the strategies detailed, you will get real RESULTS! We have various eBay shops all gaining powerseller status within 60-90 days, so if you miss this info you'll definitely miss out on sales. To get started and as a basic overview, the 3 Keys to Success on or off of eBay is: TRAFFIC - CONVERSION - RELATIONSHIPS

So let's get straight in to the 3 Steps and their strategies so you can start implementing them today.

Step 1: Traffic

Your eBay Shop needs traffic, without this your store will be lost deep within eBay gathering virtual cobwebs! Sure over time visitors will stumble on your eBay Store and some may even buy your product or service or subscribe to your email list, however the numbers will be low.

So how do we get traffic and visitors in the thousands per month to our eBay shop outside of the obvious eBay searches? The Google search engine has the majority of searchers and web traffic online and sends these web users to appropriate sites based on rankings achieved by key specifics. Well eBay is also a fanatastic search engine with 1000's of BUYERS searching only for products, with their credit card in hand. So with Bay and Google you need exposure, this is where your site needs to be as close to the top of the results as possible. The higher the more sales you'll get. 

Google also ranks eBay pages FAST and HIGH in the search results and because eBay is an authority site, your eBay listings and info guides (like this one) will not only appear on eBay but in Google too, typically in the top 10 results often top 3. When people see your listing in Google they'll click this and enter your eBay shop.

For specific and detailed eBay and Google Traffic strategies click here

Step 2: Conversion

Once you get visitors to your eBay shop are you actually doing anything with them, are they taking action, are you converting them, monatising them, getting them to buy your product or subscribe to your email list? Your eBay shop must be simple and have a clean design, give clear directions and have total clarity with regards the product you are offering, detailing a good description, clear price and shipping, warranty, money back guarnatee, instructions, etc, so your visitors instantly know what you want them to do. If there is resistance then forget it, CLICK and they are gone to your competitors! 


A clean, crisp eBay store and design with clear instructions and content and a call to action to BUY NOW. This will enable you to increase you desired conversion from 1% to 4% over night. Do the math, if you sell 1 product per day at £25, overnight after making some subtle design and description changes you could be taking £100.

Obviously with conversion you have to take the visitor by the hand from entry to exit in as little steps as possible and as fast as possible with the least resitance. So give them what they want and become your customer when you build your eBay shop and write your product descriptions.
Resistance can come from many areas such as poor design, poor layout, poor content such as product descriptions and commonly trust and security issues. There are many others areas or resitance that can be thrown into the mix too.

Another cool off eBay startegy is the new eBay to Go service, get your listings on your non eBay sites. e-commerce stores, blogs, social networking pages, etc.

For specific and detailed Conversion strategies click here

Step 3: Build Relationships

This isn't an essential step to making an eBay shop work in the short term however with stats suggesting up to 35% of customers will buy again from you if you offer them a product once they have already ordered from you, just run the numbers to see that this simple strategy alone could make your eBay shop profits skyrocket.

Building relationships is all about providing your visitors with good, solid, reliable content, information and tips and tricks, oh and of course product offers mixed in if you have an eBay or off eBay website that sells products, subscriptions or digital products, etc. So create an eBay shop email list today and start getting subscribers.


Post sale or post subscription to your optin email list its imperative to communicate with your customers and communicate often with high quality information about your niche. However, if you provide low quality, regurgitated content or attempt to sell your product or service too hard, 1 simple click of the 'unsubscribe' link in your email and they could be gone forever. Talk to your customers often, offer a newsletter, add an RSS news feed subscribe link to your about page, ask them questions via surveys, run competitions, give away freebies and your customers will see you as an authority expert in your field or niche and will hang on everyword you say!

Why not start an off eBay blog about your chosen niche. Use the free WordPress or Blogger software and start getting subscribers from the blog through a mailing list or RSS feed. Then from that website send them directly to your eBay store via links. This not only gets you traffic but also builds links to your eBay store ultimately boosting its SEO reputation as a website shop in itself that Google will start to rank in the top searches.

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