eBay Secret: How to profit from other seller listings?

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Everybody knows that we can make profit if we make listings on eBay and if the items listed are sold. But, how many of us know that we still can earn money without any listing on eBay? Additionally we also can make profit from other sellers' listings even from your competitors.

This is what the eBay Affiliate Program try to introduce to you.

This is another source of income especially for those who already has a website or going to set up one. For those eBay seller who own a eBay store also can make use of this program to generate a side income besides of own listings.

In general, for those we own a website, it works in 2 ways:

1st Method: Revenue Share 
Online shopper --> Visit Your Website --> Enter eBay Website --> if shopper buy --> Get Paid

2nd Method: ACRU
Online shopper --> Visit Your website --> eBay Website --> if shopper subscribe to eBay --> Get Paid

For the first method - Revenue Share
If your website can direct someone to eBay site and he/ she buy something from eBay then you are entitled a percentage from the total revenue what eBay gained. The percentage you might get is varies from the price of the item sold and it also different from each eBay site. The more percentage you can get if the item closed in higher price.

So, from here you know what to do. Just refer to the hot items like mobile phones, computers and laptop accessories and you will get a higher chance to get paid through your links.

For the 2nd method - ACRU (Active Confirmed Registered User)
If you can direct a non eBay user to registered as an eBay user you can get some commission if he/she place a bid or buy via BIN within 30 days. At the same time you also entitle a percentage from share revenue. Sound easy?

eBay even set up a tool to help you to create banners or links.

According to the eBay Affiliate Program, it is categorized in 4 business model:-
  • Paid search
  • Paid placement
  • Ad-Network/ Sub-Affiliate
  • Natural/ Website
For more details of each definition of the 4 business models above, you can refer to this website - ebaypartnernetwork.com (add www. in front for this link). You can also find how you get paid for each of the business models under different eBay sites.

Just a 1 cent info to share. Hope this help.

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