eBay Sellers, Always keep your postage receipts!!

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It is of vital importance that you keep all postage receipts for at least 9 months after the item is posted.

Unfortionatly some buyers are dishonest and open disputes with PayPal in an attempt to fraudulently claim money back, by stating the the item didn't arrive or that it was an unauthorised transation.

If you keep all postage receipts and remember to insure the item for the exact amount that the item sold for on eBay (not including postage), the 9 times of of 10 you will be able to prove that you are not in the wrong.

- If an item does go missing in the post, then it is up to you (the seller) to issue the buyer with a full refund and to file a claim with the postal service that the item was sent by and claim the money back that way.

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