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For any serious seller on eBay an eBay shop is an integral part to their selling strategy. A professionally designed eBay shop and listing can make the difference between selling on eBay and not. However trying to find this information out on the Internet is near by impossible and a lot of people will just opt for a company such as Frootion to undertake this job for them. However I have now put a short guide together to get you started.

Image Hosting
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Fireworks

Step 1
Before I even start to code I will make the design for the listing in Macromedia Fireworks. Create your design in Fireworks. Try to keep to 800 pixels wide. The reason why is that this was the most used resolution for few ago. I now believe its at 1024. However just to play it safe I am staying at 800 pixels for 1 more year.

Step 2
After you are happy with your design slice it up to where you want to have editable text and pictures. Save it. Create a folder called Templates and export the design in html with slice to it.

Step 3
Open up Macromedia and setup a New Site and point it at the Templates folder you created earlier. From there you will need to create a new template by going to File -> New and selecting html template. This template file will be stores in your Templates folder automatically.

Step 4
You will now need to insert your html file into this template. You do this by going to Insert -> Image Objects -> Fireworks HTML. After inserting the Fireworks HTML you will then need to create image map for the navigation within your design. However you maybe thinking how do you know what urls to link them to. The way I do it is setup my shop in eBay with the categories I want. I will then create a listing in each category. I will then go to my shop on ebay and click on the categories. You will get the url for that category, which you can now use to create the link for your design in Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Step 5
Create the editable regions for where you would like to have editable text and pictures in your listings. Upon completing this step upload the Templates folder to your image space.

Step 6.
Create a normal html in Macromedia Dreamweaver and apply the template. From here you can start to put your items into your design. If you are using pictures you will need to upload them to your image hosting and point the code at the relevant source. For Example, if you insert a picture in dreamweaver it’s image location will usually be ../images/picture1.jpg. When doing your shop you will have to upload this image to your image hosting facility, therefore you image located would be something like h tpp://www .yoursite/images/picture1.jpg.

Step 7
Once you are happy with your listing save them. Go back into your template file and do a find and replace. You are looking for src=” and you will want to replace it with the absolute path of your templates folder, which you uploaded earlier. For Example, Find src=”h ttp://w ww.yoursite/templates/ . Once you have done this save it and it will update any files linked to this template.

Step 8
Open eBay or Turbo Lister and fill in all the information for your item as usual. When you get to the description area change it to html view. Now go to the listing you created in dreamweaver. You can open it using notepad. Copy the html and paste it into eBay or Turbo Lister.

Any that’s it. Any questions or comments just let me know. I am happy to help.

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