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One question that is asked by new store owners is how do I get more traffic to my store and auctions.  eBay has added a number of tools to help the store owner generate traffic.
One of the best is the eBay guides.  This will let you teach users about a subject. A guide is a manual that will give simple directions on how to do something, eBay as also added a review to guides.  This allows you to rate how good a guide is.
How does a Guide Work
You can access the guides from My Reviews & Guides on your My eBay page.  This will allow you to edit, change or publish your guides.  You will also see how well your guide is doing.
When a guide is listed as displayed they will be listed on eBay and everyone can read them.
If your guide is listed as not displayed are hidden from view this could be because it is a draft or in breach of policy.
A guide when submitted are under review.  When you write and submit a guide it is reviewed by eBay.  After review your guide, providing there is no problems with it eBay will make it live.
Now we have seen how a guide works, how do we use it to make money.
If you have created any articles for your business you will find the guides work in a similar fashion to those.   
Guides should be interesting and useful.  Guides need to have value to there readers, if not people will not to read it or worse eBay won't publish it.  Readers may decide not to read any of your other guides at all.  A point that I've had told me over and over again you only have one chance to make a good impression
If you write useful guides, people will notice and they will be on the look out for more of them.  At the end of your guides you can put a resource box that links to your eBay store.  The idea is that when they read your guide at the end is a link to your store where they can make a purchase.

The better your guide the more likely they will be to check out your store.

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