eBay full of scammers and fraud people - even companies

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So far I have had very bad experience with some of the sellers and it caused me serious headache as well.
Never buy something until you get full specification from the seller. If seller has written pages and pages of specifications in size 8 font - BE CAREFUL.
So far what has happened

  • Seller sent a faulty laptop, I sent it back and received the same laptop - With a DEAD battery this time
  • Seller sent me a used mobile phone instead of new one - so LOOK for feedback before you buy
  • Seller sent me a crap mobile phone - used and good condition does NOT mean it is good
    Seller sent me computer with no recovery CDs and claimed the recovery CDs mentioned were just the drivers downloaded from the net. So ASK THE SELLER about details before buying it
  • If you receive something wrong or some components are missing, immediately return it to the seller
  • Don't let 90 days pass in this process because after 90 days you can not calim for refund or raise a dispute with e-bay or paypal.



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