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If you are a regular listener of eBay radio, and tried to listen to the broadcast since last Tuesday, 3rd November, you will have realised it is no longer where you would expect to find it. Both Griff and Lee, the presenters, have been saying there is going to be some changes, but never actually said they would be moving.

Anyway, if you have had trouble finding them, here is where you can find it now:

If you don’t listen to it, and you are either a buyer or a seller on eBay, I would highly recommend you ‘tune in’.  You can either listen to the broadcast live, or you can listen to it at any time.  You can either play it on the computer, or download it to listen to your mp3 player.

If you look on the search engines for 'ebay radio', you will find the archives of the old shows from when they were on wsradio.  I can't link to it, as it is not allowed to link to a page of the eBay site.

Happy listening.


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