eBay sellers BEWARE !!! Paypal has a Dark Side !!!

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Paypal is great for buyers but for sellers can become a nightmare !!! I am not trying to discourage you from using Paypal (as I use it myself every week as both a buyer and a seller) This guide is intended to inform.

You may have noticed recently that eBay has been trying to encourage as many sellers as possible to only accept Paypal but sellers beware as Paypal has a "darkside" !!!

You may think that every package you send out is covered by Paypal's "seller protection" scheme ... but this just isn't so !!!

Seller protection will actually only be offered if you meet specific criteria. And, while many sellers do send valuable packages by recorded delivery it is not just this ctiteria that protects the seller.

This is because to qualify for Paypal's seller protection the buyer who you send the parcel to must be verified with a confirmed address.

Therefore, if the buyer has not verified their account (which an estimated 30 - 40 % of eBayers haven't) then you will not be eligible for seller protection !!!

When you send out a package it usually arrives but what if the buyer claims it has not arrived, or what if it gets lost or damaged ??? Even though you may have tracked the item and added recorded delivery Paypal will not offer you seller protection  if the address it has been sent to in unconfirmed !!!

As a result of this you will not get the cost of the item refunded and as a seller you will be out of pocket as your items will not have met the criteria for seller protection.

Worringly Paypal do not make this at all obvious. Their guidelines on seller protection are very unhelpful.

I hope by reading this guide you are a little more informed !!!

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