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As well as bringing in extra cash, eBay* can help declutter your home and is environmentally-friendly too. After all, people are reusing your goods rather than flinging them into the tip, so everyone gains.

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Selling on eBay isn't just for those in the first flushes of a major declutter either – continuing to get rid of things you no longer use can provide regular ready money.

For those who've got the eBay bug, it's addictive watching the bids flow in. The pounds can quickly add up, especially as you're profiting from stuff that was just picking up dust.

Committed MoneySavers on this site's eBay board make £100s a year – although of course it depends on whether you're just flogging a few cast-offs or trading full-time. For more ways to bring in extra loot, read Boost Your Income.
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Not used it for a year? Flog it

Companies stock-check to value their assets – you can do the same. Walk through your home to find items of value you no longer need, then flog 'em.

Use the easy 12-month rule of thumb to help decide what to offload. Haven't used it for a year? Flog it.

Here's a list of what sells best. Of course, if it doesn't fit into these categories, the pounds will still add up, and you'll benefit from a more ordered home.

New items. Cellophane-wrapped DVDs and frocks with tags fetch a higher price.
Branded goods. People trust a "Black & Decker drill" than just a "drill".
Items with keywords. One question to ask is “will someone search for this?” People are more likely to search for a 'Ted Baker shirt' than a plain ol' 'shirt'.
Rare commodities. Rare or difficult-to-get-hold-of items sell well.
Job lots. If you've little time and heaps of similar small items, consider selling them as a bundle. This works especially well with baby clothes. But sell expensive branded goods individually – don't bung Prada in with Primark.
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Don't bin it, 'bay it

Don't be quick to cry "that's rubbish". Sell everything. When it comes to eBay, one man's junk is another's dream, and it's astounding what people will fight for.

Faulty electrical items, for example, shift well, as clever bods fix or use them for spares. Always be upfront about an item's condition.

MoneySavers have made a quick buck selling used carrier bags, magazine cosmetic samples and even a broken Game Boy that had fallen down the toilet. For more bonkers sales, read the forum's classic Things you never thought you could sell thread.
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